About M. L. Photography

          Hello, I’m photographer Matthew Lacy, the “M. L.” in M. L. Photography. I am a freelance photographer from Rockville, Indiana. Photography has been my hobby for over six years. Now, I’m making the switch from amateur to professional. I have matured over the years during my journey as a photographer. I have read countless guide books, taken online courses, and most importantly, I have learned from experience. Without hands on experience, all the knowledge in the world is useless. I would like to thank Anita Howard and Nick Wilson for all the advice and encouragement they have given me as I have grown into a photographer.

          I realize that hiring anyone is a leap of faith. You trust them with your time and money, and hope they come through and deliver the product you need. I can provide images in almost any genre. I will take pictures for weddings, for families, and even for pets. I have provided example images of my work with descriptions on this website, feel free to check them out.

          I strive for two things at M. L. Photography: quality prices and quality images. I’m not here to rip you off just to make a profit, because for me, photography is a joy. I will only charge you what the images are worth, not more. Whether for your pet, your family, or your wedding, I will work to take the best pictures I can.